i rented saints row iv and it was ok i was really in a bad mood so i couldnt enjoy it
my character is hot though

this is garbage dunno why i spent 30 minutes on it sighs

I’ve been sick all day so I didn’t do this till late but i didnt forget about your request @osbornbrat

not really but thanks for asking

Sleepy gosling doodle

I updated my commission prices again!! Very little has changed but I was due for a re-do anyway. 

  • +$5 per character (unless it is a painted commission; we will negotiate that personally if you want multiple painted characters)
  • I require payment in advance
  • please be prepared to provide references and/or a description of what you’d like me to draw
  • No porn; I am not however, completely opposed to drawing nudity.
  • email me at cyanxgray@yahoo.com if you are interested!!

As always if you cannot or simply do not want to commission me that is definitely ok, but I would really appreciate a reblog or signal boost.  Thank you!!

i was thinking a lot lot lot about my dumb incubus fighter oc today hooah

also messed a lot with some effects with this and i think it looks pretty cool shrugs

*draws a new cute girl oc* *falls in love w her* fuk

im officially out of ink in my brush pen ;﹏;

I love drawing girls

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